Mission & Vision


Dow Elef International (T) LTD mission is dedicated to understanding customer expectations, identifying and developing opportunities that enhance our customer supply chain goals.

Our business philosophy is made on maintaining the highest level of quality service in most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

We are committed to continuously process improvement through leadership, good customer service, innovation, technology, new investment and safety.


Cooperate vision: Is to strive and become a leading value-added International logistic and supply chain management company across region through providing excellence in customer services.

Sub vision:

  • To become the biggest reliable and cost effective international logistic and supply chain management company across the region while taking the issue of customer care and satisfaction very seriously.
  • To be become preferred local & International logistics and supply chain Management Company for the region.

Core Values

Dow Elef has established very clear principles that govern personnel’s daily operations. These values represent who we are and guide actions and behaviours of our team members while performing their day-by-day operations. These are the code of conduct that our staffs are supposed to engage while dealing with clients, each other, or stakeholders. Even though attaining these high values may seem difficult, every Dow Elef’s employee is expected to:

• Be truthful, accurate, and straightforward

• Value and embrace talents, leadership, and initiatives, of every employee

• Highly worship the clients as they (clients) are the reason of whatever we do, and that our success depends entirely on our client’s success.

• Take on maximum safety measures while handling any client’s business

• Be accountable for his/her actions or inactions, in addition to people s/he leads

• Extremely respect our physical and social environment

Value Added Services

Dow elef International (T) LTD offers a wide range of ancillary services giving value addition to customers’ requirements.

  • Distribution services 
  • Packing / re-packing services
  • Consultancy services

 Our services are customized, dedicated, built to suit programmes that meet large and small business requirements by customers.

The international transport and distribution of goods is linked to various technical issues especially with variations and differences in rules and regulations prevailing in different countries. It is important that importers and exporters should always consult logistics partners to clearly understand the documentation requirements / regulations in each of the countries before shipping the goods.

 Dow elef International with its expertise in the field along with our global associates in business assist customers with consultancy services covering documentation procedures, licenses and permits, technical solutions, safety and security, multi modal transportation, fumigation and quarantine requirements etc. and covering all specific requirements of international logistics.

We are a privately owned company that provides top-notch clearing and forwarding solutions. Dow Elef’s headquarters are in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


Mwalimu Nyerere Grounds
(Sabasaba) Plot No: 436, 
Block-"A” Mabalozi Avenue – Kilwa Road, 
P.O. Box: 8404,
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania