Clearing and Forwarding

We offer cost effective and timely clearing and forwarding services both for sea and air shipments in Dar es Salaam and Tanzania. We provide the full range of customs clearing and international freight forwarding services together with customs clearance facilities at all Tanzania ports and airports.

The varied products we handle on a daily basis:

Foodstuffs – rice, spices, nuts, fruit, vegetables, fresh meat and fish, Rubber sheeting/matting, packaging and scrap metal ,Drinks – tea, coffee,energy drinks and soft drinks, Stone Products – sandstone, granite and slate. Various electronic equipment, Customs Clearence Commercial vehicle parts, Cars and motorbikes, Household furniture, Hospital equipment, Natural oils, Fireworks, Clothing, Textiles in addition we do Clearing of Construction equipment and materials, Project goods, Embassy goods etc via Sea, Air, Rail and Road freight for both imports and exports.

We have Experienced Customs Clearing personnel that will assist with tariff classifications, audits and detailed costings. Dow Elef International (T) assures you of accurate, speedy and efficient customs clearance and freight forwarding.

We are specialized in clearing and transportation for all types of containerized cargo like 20′ 40′ standard high cube Hard-top, open-top, at flat racks and insulated refrigerators.

We have built good reputation with well established shipping line companies for the past 15 years and this resulted into good relationships with them.

We offers importing and exporting, clearing and forwarding services in Tanzania and near by Countries.

We are a privately owned company that provides top-notch clearing and forwarding solutions. Dow Elef’s headquarters are in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


Mwalimu Nyerere Grounds
(Sabasaba) Plot No: 436, 
Block-"A” Mabalozi Avenue – Kilwa Road, 
P.O. Box: 8404,
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania