Our Story

Dow Elef International (T) LTD is an International Logistics Company driven by the unwavering belief in its original ideology being the combination of flexibility, speed and innovative spirit of an ever changing team with strength, security and integrity of a major Freight Clearing & Forwarding, Shipping and Freight Logistics provider.

Dow Elef’s headquarters are in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and the company has a substantial operating capacity, which is powered by a team of approximately fifty highly professional staffs who possess over 200 years combined experience of serving clearing and forwarding industry.

With years of experience in Freight Clearing & Forwarding, shipping and Supply Chain Freight Logistics, Dow Elef International (T) LTD is known for offering reliable and efficient freight clearing & forwarding services throughout the world. Dow Elef International (T) LTD is dedicated to clearing & forwarding your freight and ensures expeditious customs clearance process.

Freight clearing & forwarding is essential service and our most important tool for our freight clearing & forwarding clients is personalized service. At Dow Elef International (T) LTD Customer service has been reinvented as the cutting edge of competitiveness in the freight Clearing and Forwarding and freight shipping logistics industry.

Interestingly advantageous, Dow Elef offers transportation and logistics services through its sister company, Business Trust (T) LTD, and that makes Dow Elef the company of choice for one stop service center.

Dow Elef has repeatedly been recommended by many not just by coincidence, but rather because of its outstanding record of handling customers’ projects safely, in budget, and on time.

The geographical location advantage favours Dow Elef in a many way as its strategically located in Tanzania’s sea ports in terms of proximity and accessibility to the non coastal bordering countries, Dow Elef shall persistently continue to provide its clients with unmatched high-quality services that surpass their expectations.As competition has become more intense in freight clearing & forwarding, service quality has become crucial determinant for creating overall clearing & forwarding client’s satisfaction.

Championed by a well-established worldwide network from shipping lines to other prominent Freight Clearing and Forwarding Dow Elef International (T) is a reputed name not only in East Africa Freight Forwarders and air freight Arena but worldwide.

We are a privately owned company that provides top-notch clearing and forwarding solutions. Dow Elef’s headquarters are in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


Mwalimu Nyerere Grounds
(Sabasaba) Plot No: 436, 
Block-"A” Mabalozi Avenue – Kilwa Road, 
P.O. Box: 8404,
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania