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Dow Elef International (T) LTD provides the transportation industry with the confidence that …

Clearing and Forwarding

We offer cost effective and timely clearing and forwarding services both for sea and air shipments…

Moving and Relocation

Dow Elef International (T) LTD Relocation & Services is an independent, comprehensive relocation …

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For fast and reliable freight Logistics

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Let us handle your cargo and move it to any city in the world.

Ground Freight Services

With our state of the art fleet we provide transport Services to all East African Destinations.

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Experienced TPA & TRA Fast-Track

We provide a 360° transportation and logistics service that is in line with global industry best practices and all local and regional statutes and guidelines. To give us added insight into your cargo movement, we provide GPS (Global Positioning System and tracking service on all our vehicles, so at any point in time we know exactly where your cargo is in real time, and we are able to regularly update you.




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We are a privately owned company that provides top-notch clearing and forwarding solutions. Dow Elef’s headquarters are in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


Mwalimu Nyerere Grounds
(Sabasaba) Plot No: 436, 
Block-"A” Mabalozi Avenue – Kilwa Road, 
P.O. Box: 8404,
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania